Where is the group based?

  • Our student group meets at Studio Movement, in the Barbican area. It is conveniently located at a walking distance from multiple stations: Moorgate (5min), Barbican (7min), Old Street (8min), Liverpool St (10min), Farringdon (14min).
  • It is a clean, safe, and bright dance studio with a wooden floor and mirrors.
  • Please note that we are no longer meet at our previous location in the Golden Lane community centre

When do you meet?

  • We meet from 7.00 to 8.30pm on Wednesdays

What should I expect during a session?

Led by an advanced student, our sessions are interactive to encourage open feedback and experimentation. We aim to create an informal yet studious atmosphere, with three key ingredients:

  • Solo work to develop postural efficiency
  • Partner exercises to train structure, sensitivity, and timing
  • Immediate hands-on feedback to experiment with and take home

While we understand and respect their value in many contexts, practicing with the London student group does not include uniforms or coloured belts; bowing, ceremonies, or rituals; certifications, exams, or graduations; ranks or titles.

Do you train cardio? How about sparring?

We fully understand the value of cardio and fitness forms of exercise. In fact, most of us happily dedicate time in our weeks to sports. In Wing Chun sessions, we instead focus on other aspects of mental and physical development. So if you're looking for somewhere to break a sweat after work, this might not be the right activity for you.

In our training methods, we do not emphasise "sparring" or free-form contact matches, as they can be found in combat sports training.

How do I know if Wing Chun for me?

  • Wing Chun is suitable for adults of all genders, sizes, and athletic abilities
  • Practitioners of all horizons enjoyed training with us...
  • ...movement specialists (dance, pilates, yoga, osteopaths) exploring their understanding of body mechanics;
  • ...martial artists (self-defence, combat sports, traditional arts) looking for sustainable increased efficiency;
  • ...or anyone looking for an integrated embodied practice aiming beyond physical fitness and competitive performance
  • We are always open to beginners

What should I wear and bring?

Comfortable clothing that allows free movement (eg. T-shirt) and flat-sole shoes.

Why join and support the group?

  • Join a London-based group of practitioners dedicated to sincere, open, and diligent practice and research of Leung Sheung Wing Chun
  • Help secure a clean, comfortable, and convenient space for weekly group practice
  • Connect with a global community of practitioners to exchange tips and support individual development

How much are tuition fees?

We operate with a flat monthly contribution. All contributions are put together to run the group, the main cost being venue hires for our weekly sessions.

The first trial session is always free - just drop us a message.

Where can I find more online?

A few recommended articles...

A few selected videos...

Want to join or know more? Contact us