What we do

What we do

Wing Chun (咏春拳) is a traditional Chinese practice designed to use simple, direct movements to overcome larger, stronger opponents.

Utilising the laws of physics, we do not rely on pure speed and brute strength, but rather develop our position, sensitivity and timing. We believe in building a strong foundation in practice and precision in execution. Proper training develops calm confidence and a healthy mind and body. We place a strong emphasis on accurate position, structure, and relaxation to generate the proper energy for application.

We are a student group dedicated to the sincere, open, and diligent practice of Wing Chun. We believe in discipline, peer feedback, and experimentation in our approach.

Specifically, we practice the Wing Chun of Yip Man (葉問) as taught by Leung Sheung (梁相) to Kenneth Chung (鐘萬年), and in turn to David Davila.

We are based in London, UK.

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